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Here at WE LOVE WHAT YOU BUILD (WLWYB) we create LEGO related gifts, home decorations and gadgets that are all about building skills, fun, geeking out, embracing your inner child and soon to be more popular than Faux Leather Jumpsuits and Boiler suits in 2020.

We Love the Word of Mouth and would love you to join us in spreading the word that real, recognizable LEGO pieces really can provide style – without sacrificing your inner child.
Because we use only new and genuine LEGO parts and pieces to our products.

Our products are tested only on human beings… Pinky promise. We love all animals.

WLWYB Affiliate Program Perks

  • 10% commission fee from the retail price on all sales referred to your dedicated discount code
  • 14 day Tracking Cookie Duration (The duration should work fine since our products are not very expensive)
  • Auto Approval: NO
  • Affiliate Niches: LEGO, AFOL, Home Decor, Geek gadget, Wall decor, Unique gift
  • Exclusive discounts on our new products + other exciting perks
  • Marketing materials, professional photos and promotional resources are included which helps growing your referral business
  • Personal contact with a committed WLWYB team member to support your success

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Content is King

Affiliate sales doesn’t come from just posting a WLWYB product, your audience wants to hear from you on why you love these products, they want to see how these products fit in your world and hear about your pros and cons.

Check out some inspirational ideas on how to create content that convert to sales:

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WLWYB is a one-stop-shop playground designed to build community for living beings who are committed to LEGO.

Our products are extraordinary as a Bansky mural at Buckingham palace. We strive to lead our lives in the same way we create our products: infused with humour, style and high-quality product development.
We put a huge amount of passion and knowledge to develop our bespoke LEGO themed products.

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You are uniqueness-focused and seeking to support your creativity and style by choosing real, colorful and LEGO infused alternatives to conventional gifts and home decor products. You are commitment to living an imaginative and newsy lifestyle and inspiring others to follow your footsteps.

You cultivate authentic, meaningful relationships with your community and make a positive difference in the lives of others.

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Whether you are a macro- or microinfluencer, we’d love to know more about you (and your brand) and how it aligns with our mission.

Strategic partnership can give both of us a significant boost in sales, in followers and in brand awareness.

Anyway, if you’re looking for something new to engage your art-sensitive audience in an oddish way, come to a company that’s full of art, fun and oddity too!

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