Corporate Gifts

Looking for a corporate gift built of LEGO parts for your brand? That’s our ‘cherry on top’.

We all love all things that are connected to LEGO bricks and pieces here at WE LOVE WHAT YOU BUILD and enjoy nothing more than working with you to make your own thoughts and ideas involving it to come true. If you have a design idea for a bespoke LEGO set tailored to your brand that you would like us to make into an actual one, or would like to make a truly unique custom creation for a special reason like: an exhibition, an event, a business gift…etc. Here we are, at your service!

Pricing for corporate gifts usually depend on the number of LEGO parts used, number of colors used, and complexity of the building technique. But the good news is: pricing is also determined in part by volume. The more units you make, the cheaper the price per unit. Our standard branded sets usually include 200+ pieces.

Just describe your project and add associated artwork (optional) in the form below and we’ll contact you with a price estimate as quickly as we can.
Please note: WLWYB respects copyrighted images, characters and designs. Please submit original design ideas only.

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Pick Your Price

We’re not a fan ot the ONE-SIZE-FITS ALL approach.

We love simple, straight forward pricing. Choose the plan that fits your fertile imagination… than check your budget and think twice! Whether you just need a bunch of custom minifigures or eager to build a New Planet from 1×1 red LEGO bricks to settle down far from here, we’ve got you covered. Minimum order quantity: 15 sets.

A pack of minimalist bespoke gift.
Recommended for small companies.
All of our core features for low price.


+ $29.90 / set
  • 3D design on your requirements
  • Digital instructions in PDF format
  • Basic packaging (sets packed in ziplock bags)
  • Standard LEADTIME (8-12 weeks)
  • Free shipping in EU
The bestseller package with medium sized models. More details, more happiness!


+ $59.90 / set


  • Medium sized models
  • Instructions to each of your set as a printed booklet
  • Design packaging in Black LDPE Pouches (craft boxes are option too)
  • Get an extra free consulting time
  • Free shipping worldwide
  • Extra designed sticker pack included
These builds due to their size are great for PR campaigns and brand awareness.


+ $69.90 / set


  • Custom packaging (due to your needs)
  • Get 2 more extra free consulting times
  • Each and every model comes with customized parts which is a great way to personalize your gift
  • Every set gets a limited edition numbering to make them super unique
  • Short LEADTIME (5-7 weeks)

Want more? Roger!

Just set your budget, and we’ll take care of the rest!

Save yourself from any headache and let one of our Superhero LEGO expert handle your whole project from tap to toe!

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Our latest projects designed by our hands tied back

Long lasting decoration for homes of generations.

Beyond stylish newly built apartments, Cordia surprises their new investors or - families with a long lasting LEGO shelf clock decoration that especially designed for Cordia Homes.

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Cars of LEGO bricks are cool. Custom designed cars are cooler.

A logistics company was looking for B2B gifts to its partners. It was obvious the coolest gift will be a copy of their company van as a bespoke LEGO kit.

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"We really like the design. Just one thing. Can you make the logo bigger?"

Can you imagine an even cooler office decoration than a life-size company logo built of LEGO parts that you will dazzle all your business partners as they step into your office?
The correct answer is: No.
„Can you make the logo bigger?” „Yes, we can!”

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