Get Magic Done. Every Single Day.

Although we didn’t spend a minute in Hogwarts Mystery, we have a special power to light up your upcoming LEGO project(s). We’ve got the magic touch: to grow your company’s brand awareness, to find your long missing LEGO part you lost between Asgard and Middle Earth, to build Collective Robot(s) to help you with the dirty work, or just to design any kind of LEGO sets that you wished for.

Well… Bibbidi Bobbidi Boo and the magic is done! Try it!

You CAN always get what you want and get what you need.

In case if it's missing, broken, if you are re-building, if you're a designer, if you need LEGO parts for your product of service you're at the best place. We have unprecedented market knowledge and millions of parts in our storage. Anyway, in LEGO Part Service we are solid gold, just sayin’!

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How to be the coolest fellow among your friends and colleagues?’s easy: with a customized LEGO brick or set! At WLWYB we obviously love all things brick and using our state of the art engraving and full color pad printing machines we can personalize bricks, tiles & minifigures with whatever you want using your own artwork.

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There are LEGO sets and there is MOCHUB. The home of LEGO unique creations.

So, what is MOCHUB? Hundreds of unique LEGO creations, MOCs (My Own Creation) at your fingertips by crazy LEGO creators from all around the world. Yes, this is kinda LEGO paradise! MOCHUB is the place about all LEGO lovers can only dream of, so here's our proposal: join and see what they're up to week by week.


Do you want to get out from the daily pulse?

Cool. You’re probably familiar with relaxing massage, or calm music therapy to stress out. Well, our program is totally different. You can relax for 90 minutes while sorting out LEGO parts without any responsibility and stress, unwanted phone calls or meeting notes…bla bla! You’re welcome.


It’s time to simplify your business - It’s time for JOBO!

Today many customers in the automotive, steel, agri-food, engineering, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics and energy sectors entrust their robotization projects to robots like JOBO, why don’t you join them? JOBO robots are totally build from LEGO pieces.

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Step into our LEGO Wonderland!

As our office is our storage as well, a home of several million LEGO parts, we decided to create a cozy and inspirational playground, to show the world with great pride how we roll! If you’re looking for a great team building place, a first date venue for your LEGO lover one, you want to organize the coolest birthday bash for you kiddo or yourself as an adult, we look forward seeing you as the COVID-19 situation improves and we can gather again.