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You Build.

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Who we are. WLWYB is a one‑stop‑shop playground designed to build community for living beings* who are committed to LEGO.
*lego fans, groovy dealers, buyers, sellers, sassy artists, precise creators, beginners, amateurs or pros, crazy builders, ‘need-more-money’ teens, adults, forever kids, geeks, weirdos, robotic engineers, nerds, collectors, aliens from a galaxy far away… and last but not least people with NEURODIVERSITY!

Our Playground

All-in-one solution for all players beyond to ‘buy and sell’ genuine LEGO parts, minifigures, or sets. Our playground is designed to enable everyone to learn and play, teach, design, create and build their own unique LEGO dreams from a single brick to an enormous buildups while they’re getting paid!


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David Kokai

Founder / COO

Lili Juhasz

HR & Communication

Nes Komor

Creative Director & CPO

Dorottya Fogel

Product Dev & Projects

Gyozo Galcsik

Technology Solutions

Gabor Unger


Judit Molnar

Head of Sales

Gabor Lauer

Customer Service

Benedek Kemeny

Senior Part Specialist

Norbert Hodis

Part Specialist

Renato Salamon

Junior Part Specialist