There is no standard brain.

Neurodiversity refers to a group of people who have neurological differences such as autism, ADHD, and dyslexia. Put simply, people who are neurodiverse think differently – and that’s a good thing! We need diverse workforce with special talents and thought processes to help us solve future problems and progress humanity.

We believe in neurodiversity

It’s no secret that some individuals with autism have extraordinary talent in math, art, music, analytics, and language. We aim to unlock that potential with our neurodiversity recruitment strategy.

In 2018, WLWYB launched a neurodiversity program, which includes a customized onboarding process and assigning trained office buddies to support new hires.

We're building our neurodiverse workplace on 4 pillars to employ people on the spectrum.

  • fully developed processes
  • clear rules for work processes
  • objective decision
  • spoken and written social rules
  • clear communication
  • transparent infrastructure
  • visual guide for work processes
  • visual guides for workplace rules
  • internal mentorship
  • continous guidence for autistic and neurotypical employees

The value of an Untapped Talent Pool

Neurodiversity isn’t something that should be “cured” or shunned. It should be accommodated, particularly in the workplace. Inclusion is a key aspect of building a strong team who’re not afraid of seeking solutions and taking actions.

Our inclusive workplace creates a safe workplace environment for all our employees. By facing and overcoming the challenges of a neurodiverse workplace, every one of us has the chance to bring out the best of ourselves.

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