So, here you are

And we’re also. Welcome to our ‘About’ page. Safe landing BTW.

You are probably keen on to know more about WLWYB’s awesome products (like Periodic Table of LEGO Colors v2.0) or just need a 100% guarantee that we are real. Calm down buddy, WLWYB is not runned by robots. For sure. We are all human beings. Just like you.

We’re small, we care and, if you’ll pardon a pun, we love what you build.

So, who we are?

WLWYB is a one-stop-shop playground designed to build community for living beings* who are committed to LEGO.

*LEGO fans, groovy dealers, buyers, sellers, sassy artists, precise creators, beginners, amateurs or pros, crazy builders, ‘need-more-money’ teens, adults, forever kids, geeks, weirdos, robotic engineers, nerds, collectors, aliens from a galaxy far away….and last but not least people with neurodiversity!

Here you can find LEGO related gifts, home decorations and gadgets that are all about building skills and fun, geeking out, embracing your inner child, and soon to be more popular than Nick Carter’s (BSB) bowl cut in the 90s.

We love custom LEGO products. MOCs. And style.

What makes us different?

First thing first we only offer I’d-like-that-for-myself kind of LEGO stuffs (MOCs, Bespoke gifts, custom LEGO sets….and so on). This is our policy. Our attitude.

Not to mention we aim to offer an all-out fun shopping experience for anyone who chooses us. And the best thing is we provide free worldwide shipping. You’re welcome.

Our products are extraordinary as a WAGYU burger in a vegan bistro. We offer handy tools for builders and also awesome WLWYB gifts for just anybody with LEGO enthusiasm. But what really sets us apart is that we have a great sense of humour.

We put a lot of passion and knowledge to develop our bespoke products that we offer, and we are fully committed to giving our customers an amazing experience (from the order confirmation to fast delivery).

Everything is better when we stick together at WE LOVE WHAT YOU BUILD

Anyway, if you’re looking for gifts that are full of LEGO and fun, come to the company that’s full of LEGO and fun too…… WLWYB!