Vlogger Needed in
LEGO Universe

Are you awesome? Cool. We are hiring.

Thanks to YouTube, Vimeo, Twitch and advances in digital video technology, we have a dream-job opportunity for You! Yes, we’re talking about the job your grandparents couldn’t possibly imagine. Twenty years ago, you wouldn’t have thought that one day everyone could get paid to record their opinions from their bedrooms?

Of course, this is a joke and a simple definition of vlogging….

Anyway, let’s back to the ’dream-job’!

We are...

WLWYB is a successful startup from the universe of LEGO and we’re looking for a host/vlogger to pimp up our soon-to-be-launched Twitch channel!

This Vlogger position is a first of its kind, entry level role located in Budapest as a temp to perm position. Upon hiring the first 3 months are temp to perm with the intent of full time hiring. We are not just on the internet:

we want to create the stuff the internet wants to see. Whether that’s a viral TikTok video or the latest Twitter meme, we’re passionate storytellers for our brand and the people around it.





So, we need one more folk just like us!

who can come up with compelling content ideas and then creating them! But, actually technical knowledge is not a requirement: a kickass production team provides scenarios, post production…etc.

We’re looking for the unconventional, less-obvious, unseasoned (or over seasoned) creative young human being (between age 23-30), but above all – passionate maker and culture shaker.

You are...

What’s your hustle? Documentarian? Art? Sports junkie? Fashionista? Blogger? Vlogger? Redditor? Are you an Insta-fiend? An unabashed Tik Tokker? Or both?

We’re here for all of it. Just as long as every day you love coming up with crazy ideas and have the skills to present them in rich way.



  • Woman, Man, Other
  • Age between 23-30 (ideal candidate)
  • English knowledge: fluent, sophisticated
  • English pronunciation: doesn’t need to be perfect, accents are beautiful and a sign of a bravery
  • Technical knowledge is a real asset in this work but not necessary: an awesome production team will support you from every angle.
  • Long term commitment
  • 16-40 hours per week


  • Target audience: North America, A1 buyer, 22-38 yrs old, metropolitan intellectuals
  • Planned subscribers: 100k / 12 months
  • 2-5 published video/week
  • 8-9 minutes video length

Are you in or what?

Apply now! Convince us with a short stunning introduction video that shows the essence of you!

[email protected]