Client: Golding
Creative Direction: David Kokai, Dorottya Fogel
Concept, Production:

We all know that infinite creativity provides endless possibilities. If you ever played with LEGO as a kid, you know that police cars, garbage trucks, all sorts of vehicles are the coolest sets to own and play with. This has not changed, especially if you’re a company that owns vans, trucks and all sorts of vehicles and you’re looking for B2B gifts. We can develop the typical characteristics of all industry’s essentials.
Pad printing is optional but impressive additional element which we can add.


Our client was looking for a bespoke company gift which they could give to their business partners and show off as a decoration in their office reception.


As they are a logistics company, we had the idea to design a LEGO built van which contained their vehicles’ typical characteristics. This bespoke gift was the all time most popular gift they gave to their partners. Not just the adults loved it but their kids too.

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