Shelf O’Clock

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About project

Client: Cordia
Creative Direction: David Kokai
Concept, Production: WLWYB

A well chosen property and well designed LEGO MOC. They have a lot in common. Beyond being stylish newly build, both are valuable and highly lucrative investment. The folks over at Cordia needed a stylish long lasting branded gift to surprise each of their new Cordia Home owners. We slowly raised our hand and asked for the gig.


We appreciate unique project that are understated, and more importantly have a purpose larger than being a pretty object. We needed to create an easy build, long lasting, custom printed LEGO clock that could stand beside with any interior design trends. No bullshit, that is a true story.


This project was a great challenge for our team. Starting with the iteration process of figuring out a fun, cool and useful product for new home owners. When we decided to design the clock, the next step was the personalization. The customer opted for the pad printing. Their logo and their credo were printed on each and every product’s specific part. In the past couple of months we have got feedbacks from the customer that new home owners love to build their clocks. This is the best feedback we can get.

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