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Almost everybody has a favourite color, or if not a specific favourite at least a color choice that draws your attention more than others.

LEGO Color Square

Like that moment when you see a shiny car, or a LEGO brick in your favourite color and think, “That color is SO me.”

Your favourite color is said to define a part of who you are, offering an inside look into your own personality and behavioral traits. Each shade of the rainbow triggers a certain psychological response, and can change not only your mood but the mood of others around you. That being said, the color you choose to decorate your home or office can say a lot about you and the environment of your household. Whether or not you believe in the psychology behind your color choice, theres no denying that the shades you cover your home in can set the tone or mood of your surroundings.

When a color speaks to you, it speaks to you, and will most likely become the default shade you pick when faced with a color range. Ever wonder what that color says about you and your own unique personality? With over 70 different colors in our ‘Periodic table of LEGO Colors’ we are confident we offer the color that speaks directly to your individuality and will reflect the happiness you seek to bring into your home.

Did you know, ‘YELLOW’ symbolizes happiness and warmth in almost all cultures. That’s why WLWYB ( We Love What You Build) use yellow also in branding to give off the feeling of friendliness and positivity.

Get know about ‘The Periodic Table of LEGO Colors’ and tell us what LEGO color are you!?

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